Work Day!

In the garden, every day is work day.  But when we convene as a group, we get a lot done together.  And have fun, too.

081014 Chris puts up the Welcome sign - black cat-shaped sign
Chris mounts the “Welcome” sign that also keeps deer from leaping over the short gate.








081014 Chris A & Chris N prepare to replace row cover with fence
Chris A. and Chris N. prepare to replace row cover with fencing.







081014 Chris A & Chris N replace row cover with fence
Now a deer can’t put a hoof through the row cover that used to be there and get into the garden. It looks a whole lot nicer this way, too.








081014 Kyle & Kaite pinch basil tops
Kyle & Kaite pinch basil tops. Lots of us are making lots of pesto. We eat it fresh, but want some for winter, too. In another post, I’ll show you how I preserve it.








081014 Jason picks herbs for tea, Toby in background
Jason picks herbs for tea — that’s lemon balm (melissa) he’s working on now — while his son peers through the fence.







081014 Colleen ready to weed & plant
Colleen examines Good King Henry. Then she’ll get to work hoeing out weeds and planting new seeds: chard, daikon, arugula, and more. The cycle starts all over again.