The garden is chugging along


What a weekend of workdays. The bulk of plantings are done or nearly so. We’ll continue planting succession crops, fall crops, and winter crops.

2015-06-12 09.08.03
Our garden coordinator Cindy updates these lists daily
2015-06-12 09.23.53
Weeding, building, planting and more occur simultaneously








2015-06-12 09.29.06
We start ’em young here






2015-06-12 09.44.30









2015-06-13 16.01.52
New rebar pea trellises will hold up to the elements









2015-06-12 11.27.42
Documenting the day’s work







2015-06-12 10.03.44
Finding a 5-leaf clover means it’s a great gardening season (which was never in doubt)