The Garden at 485 Elm
People growing together:
a collaborative community garden in Montpelier, Vermont

Harvesting Now

We have lots of photos and instructions to share with gardeners here. I’m going to post this one publicly for easy sharing with gardeners, and so you can learn more about how a cooperative CSA-model community garden works from the inside.

082015 Beans

Bed 1 – PEAS & BEANS: Ripe and ready and soooo plentiful. Please keep picking! Pick more than you’ll eat and leave the rest in a basket under the shed awning.

082015 Cukes

Bed 9 – Cucumbers. Pick and take as many as you like. Please keep picking.

082115 Bok Choy in bed 8 box

Box in Bed 8 – Bok Choy. Kale &

082115 Cherry Tomatoes 2b-2

Bed 2b CHERRY TOMATOES: All colors are ripening daily. Enjoy orange, black, red, and super-sweet yellow pear tomatoes. Pick as much as you like.

082115 Dill in bed 9 box

Box in bed 8: Dill & other herbs continuing to be delicious. More down in the herb garden and coming up as little surprises in other garden beds.

082115 Ground cherries 2a

Bed 2a GROUND CHERRIES: More are ripening daily. Pick as much as you like.

082115 Hot peppers 2c

Bed 2c HOT PEPPERS: Pick as much as you want.

082115 Leeks 4f

In bed 1e & 4f — LEEKS: Pick as much as you’ll use fresh, not enough to store. When they’re gone, they’re gone. They’ll grow until Nov. or until they’re all gone, whichever comes first.

082115 New Potatoes 3b-c

Bed 3b-c NEW POTATOES: Red, baking, and fingerling are ready for you to dig up. SHARE: Enough for dinner each day that you pick. (Please do not pick potatoes from 2e.)

082115 Sweet white onion 3d-e

South end of bed 3d-e SWEET WHITE ONION – SHARE: Two per day per household.

082115 Zucchini in 2c

Bed 2c ZUCCHINI: Look for and pick as much as you like. We’ve heard they’re late and not that plentiful. Though they were on the board to plant in May, they didn’t get planted until July. They’re here now!