The Garden at 485 Elm
People growing together:
a collaborative community garden in Montpelier, Vermont

First workday of 2016: Garlic

2016-04-09 Viewing garden plan.26

Examining the garden plan. Garden Coordinator Cindy created it with the Mother Earth News Garden Planner.

2016-04-09 Jameson mallets stake, plus Ebony et al.25

Measuring and marking where the garlic beds that Hannah and Chris are building will go. Jameson and Andrea (at left) surprised everyone when we learned it was their first time gardening, ever. Welcome!

2016-04-09 Julia & Andrea dance of the shovels.30

Digging up garlic bulbs to transplant. Julia (left) was walking around Montpelier while her boyfriend was at a music gathering. She spent the rest of her afternoon here with us, and did some great work. We sent her off with many thanks and turnips and parsnips.

2016-04-09 Raking compost in garlic bed.27

Raking compost in the newly built bed.

2016-04-09 Lining up garlic to plant.25

Planting garlic 6″ deep and 6″ apart.

2016-04-09 Watering planted garlic.40

Watering the newly planted garlic in its brand new bed.