Planting peas and parsnips

20160416_142317 Everyone shoveling
We turned over two rows of earth that had already been prepped for peas and parsnips.
Tori & Ned plant
Tori and Ned broadcast peas.
20160416_150038 Ned & Chris build trellis
Ned and Chris place rebar for trellis for the very tall peas.
20160416_150805 Bernice, Tori, Bruce, Andrea plant
Planting parsnip seeds on both sides of a pea trellis.
20160416_163406 Tori as Jason waters
Tori chats with Jason who is watering the newly planted peas and parsnips.


20160416_162206 Bernice & hanging sheets
Bernice hangs last year’s row cover out to dry. We completed the pea and parsnip work so efficiently that we dug into some garden cleanup.
20160416_164150 Parsnips in wheelbarrow
These parsnips that overwintered are now sweet as candy.
20160416_164239 Parsnips intertwined
Parsnips form interesting relationships. Also, note the top leaves so that when they grow up on either side of the peas, they won’t be mistaken for weeds.

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