The Garden at 485 Elm
People growing together:
a collaborative community garden in Montpelier, Vermont

A big-deal work party

Food ready to eat is the most exciting. We planted more food to extend the season. And we moved something very large.

2016-08-26 Ned holds beautiful mutant tomato.00

Ned found this beautiful tomato. Yes, it’s just one.








2016-08-27 John's hand holds giant okra.18

John and Hannah each took home a giant okra for culinary adventure.





2016-08-27 Ground cherries ready to eat.31

Ground cherries are ready to eat when the husks turn papery and beige. You might find ripe ground cherries on the plant or on the ground. If the fruit inside is no longer green but amber-yellow, eat it up.


2016-08-27 Jason plants carrot seeds where we pulled elephant garlic.28

It’s time for fall crop planting. Jason is seeding carrots. When frost comes, we’ll throw a plastic sheet over the hoops. Until recently, this bed was growing elephant garlic. We harvested and cleaned it; it’s drying and will be seed for garlic shares next year.















2016-08-27 Alison replants spinach in 6C.20

This bed held spinach we picked until it went to see. Alison is planting new spinach seeds. We’ll have spinach right through the fall.









2016-08-27 Compostville relocation in progress.29

Hannah, Chris, and John relocated Compostville! Here is the move in progress.








2016-08-27 Compostville relocation nearly complete.51

Compostville is more organized and effective than ever. It’s already back in action making black gold to grow our food in. Video: