The Garden at 485 Elm
People growing together:
a collaborative community garden in Montpelier, Vermont

Very Green: Early Summer in the Garden

The major planting is in. The drop-hose watering system is in. A few projects remain, but the rush is over and we can get down to garden maintenance.

This butterhead lettuce was densely planted in its box bed. Today a gardener picked tidy rows into the bed so the remaining plants have room to grow. Time for giant salads.

The peas are growing so fast that we can see the difference between morning and afternoon. Gardeners are very gently training these vines to grow on the trellis.

Gardeners have removed the garden fabric protecting these young winter squash plants to weed and water them. Young, vulnerable squash plants will remain covered until they’re larger and stronger. Catherine, our squash captain, says the row cover can come off when the plants have grown so much that they’re pushing it off.

After removing bolting spinach, gardeners replant with heat-loving crops. Ned and John are planting Asian cabbage seed, then covering the beds to ward off flea beetles. It’s the year of the flea beetle in this region.

It’s the green time of year in the Green Mountains, all right. Several gardeners have been giving the perennial bed much-needed attention. After we weed and edge the bed, we’ll install a border to prevent further grass incursions. Lori is a friend of The Garden at 485 Elm who sometimes joins us for work parties and reconnecting with friends.

Many vegetarian materials go into our Compostville Machine. Grass from the perennial bed makes up some of the green material that helps compost cook.

Compost in progress.

Hot peppers and sweet peppers are coming along.