The Garden at 485 Elm
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Compostville with Master Composters

If you haven’t already heard, big changes are coming to Compostville.

Once our trusty heavy equipment guy does some grading, leveling, and stump removal, the rebuild will get underway.

But there’s always plenty to do in Compostville. We had our first work party with the revamped Compost Team and Master Composter volunteers. Their work improved the current system as a stopgap before the bigger work begins.

Emptying the current three-bin system. Once the new bins are built, these bins will hold leaves.

The team secured hardware cloth onto the bottom of the bins to discourage furry little buddies from digging into a compost feast.

Volunteers shoveled the compost back into the bins, where it will continue to break down into rich, nutrient-dense garden soil.