The Garden at 485 Elm
People growing together:
a collaborative community garden in Montpelier, Vermont

Winter gardening for real

Mulching some of the beds was that one last chore we didn’t get to before the snow flew.

On January 10, an intrepid gardener went out on her own to complete it. We weren’t even sure the garden gates would open with so much snow piled on each side. But Meredith found her way in.

In addition to finishing a needful task, Meredith took photographs from a vantage point we don’t usually see — from within the wintering garden.

What follows, along with Meredith’s own words, is what rock star gardening looks like.

“I was only able to find about one and a half rows of uncovered beds in (Plot) 6, since it looked like another row and a half were actually covered with the material mesh which had fallen to ground level. It was definitely strange to dig down to find the raised beds though. I really enjoyed it.”

“I also did the raised beds along the fence. I was running a bit low on straw at that point (having dug out as much as I could from under the snow), so they’re covered, but only with about 4″ of straw rather than 6″.”

Thanks to Meredith’s efforts, the garden is now truly at rest until spring.