The Garden at 485 Elm
People growing together:
a collaborative community garden in Montpelier, Vermont

A Perfect Day in May

After nearly two inches of rain, the soil was moist, fluffy, and perfect for gardening.

2 gardeners edging the garlic bed to remove grass incursions
Gardeners are edging the garlic bed. Grass is wonderful to walk on, but it relentlessly works its way into garden beds. Edging prevents the garlic from being choked out. It also makes the irrigation drip system visible to people pushing the lawnmower.
Gardeners edge grass away from an unplanted garden bed
Here lies — correction, here will lie — our onion seedlings. But first, this bed needs edging and turning over.
Tiny pea shoots coming up out of the earth near an irrigation drip hose
Tiny pea shoots are coming up out of the earth. They’re planted along the irrigation drip hose lines.
Scallion-like plants growing green shoots
These are Egyptian walking onions. They are edible in the spring. Just snip off a few (but not all) leaves from a plant. The remaining leaves will each grow a head that gets heavier until it “walks” over to another part of the bed to grow again. We love perennial crops!