The Garden at 485 Elm
People growing together:
a collaborative community garden in Montpelier, Vermont

Planting Alliums: Onions & Shallots

Before planting, gardeners gently turn the soil. Tilling breaks up the soil structure and cuts up the worms who live here and add nutrients to the soil. Using this deep-spader (or maybe a broadfork) preserves soil structure while aerating and fluffing the soil so the onions will grow happily.
Wheelbarrow of compost with gardeners in a dug bed in the background
Once the bed is ready for planting, we bring compost from the garden waste windrow. Previous seasons’ weeds, husks, and plant stalks are this year’s nutrition-rich earth.
Gardeners dig furrows deep enough for the onions as they grow and lay each seedling along the furrow.
Gardeners in the dirt with onion seedlings in foreground
This row has Conservator Shallots. All our allium seedlings were grown by Ananda Gardens.
Several gardeners doing the work lightens the load and is so much fun.
Another row of red and yellow onions. Delicious!
The last step of planting is always watering.