The Garden at 485 Elm
People growing together:
a collaborative community garden in Montpelier, Vermont

A Great Start with Great Starts

Here at the Garden at 485 Elm, we acquire starts for some of our crops. At the beautiful Pleasant Mount Farm Greenhouse in Huntington, Vermont, we got our starts for hot-weather plants and herbs. We grow food and flowers to share among the 20 families who tend the garden and with our neighbors so all have access to fresh, delicious local food.

Meanwhile, do yourself a favor and visit this peaceful greenhouse.

As we arrive at Pleasant Mount Farm, a more beckoning welcome is difficult to imagine. This bold, sturdy fellow is Panzer, who supervised our visit and demanded skritches.
I do believe Annie is the most beautiful flower. Do you love food and flowers? What about dogs and cats? Pleasant Mount Farm has it all.
We picked up starts for cukes, hot peppers, Japanese eggplant, ground cherries, basil (sweet Italian, cinnamon, and lemon), cilantro, dill, parsley, and rosemary.
Whatever you’re growing, Pleasant Mount Farm can start it for you. Being on the grounds and in the lush greenhouse with bumblebees and hummingbirds provides peace and joy; bringing plants home imbues the garden with beautiful food and flowers.