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Dealing with Garden Pests: We’re Hosting a Workshop

The Garden at 485 Elm is hosting a workshop in organic-gardening-compatible garden pest management on Wednesday, June 23. Learn more at the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont’s website. Then Register here.

Garden like a farmer!

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is often thought of as an approach solely for farmers, but these strategies are also useful for gardeners. Join us as we explore ways to apply IPM at the garden scale, considering the limited time and resources that gardeners often negotiate. During this workshop we will discuss how to select and appropriately apply various low-tech strategies (e.g. selecting resistant varieties, using row cover, planting dates, etc.). We will focus on some of the most prevalent vegetable pests, including flea beetles, leaf miner, Colorado potato beetle, cucumber beetle, swede midge, and leek moth. Come prepared to share your own experience managing pests in your garden! This workshop is co-hosted with the Vermont Garden Network.

Learn how to find, identify, and deal with crop-destroying pests such as squash bug eggs on the back of winter squash leaves.