The Garden at 485 Elm
People growing together:
a collaborative community garden in Montpelier, Vermont

Winter Squash Harvest

Harvesting the winter squash happened so quickly that it was over before we could grab photos in the squash bed!
Over at the seed pumpkin bed, the work went fast as well. These small pumpkins are called “hulless,” as in no pumpkin flesh to eat. They’re full of seeds for drying and roasting—delicious.

Now that it’s too late in the season for flowers to turn into fruit, gardeners collected the remaining squash blossoms.

A gardener counts butternut squash and delicata squash. We’ll let all gardeners know how many are in a share, and they’ll come pick them up. Most gardeners were here on harvest day, so they went fast.
Seed pumpkins and buttercup squash ready to go home with gardeners. Is there anything more appealing for fall?