The Garden at 485 Elm
People growing together:
a collaborative community garden in Montpelier, Vermont

In Which the Garden Has a Chicken Visitation

Aster, Ophelia, and Winifred live near the garden. Recently, they arrived to spend a couple of weeks here.

Aster, Ophelia, and Winnie are helping prepare the garden beds for planting. Chickens use their strong, sharp feet and beaks to search for bugs and seeds. They’ll fluff up the soil, till leaf mulch into the beds, and add fertilizer. The yard where they live permanently will get a couple of weeks’ break to do some spring growing.

The girls’ house accompanied them. To the garden. During the day, they go inside to lay eggs. At dusk, all three head into their house, and we shut and latch the door to keep them safe. Every morning at dawn, we open the door; they burst right out, clucking, cooing, eating, drinking, and running around.

The chickens enjoy company. Gardeners spend plenty of time watching them and talking to them. They also enjoy snacks; apple cores, old baked goods, or leftover cooked grains are particular favorites. Here, Aster, Ophelia, and Winnie make quick work of an apple. It was a bit past its best-by date for humans, but perfect for this trio of chickens.